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Can Art Class Go Digital?

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Making art is a great way to have fun, express yourself, and be creative. We are planning a curriculum for our classes this Spring that will allow students to take class virtually. Our supply list will be limited to items commonly found around the house, so there's no need to venture out wearing a mask. We will do our best to stay productive, and prolific (extra credit if any of you can email me: with the definition of the word prolific and how it relates to art making!

Any supplies that you don't happen to have at home, I will supply for you, so please let me know by email. Whereas many of you know how to digitize your artwork, for some of you, it may be totally new. The best way to digitize your artwork is to take a picture of it with your phone and upload it to the internet. I have every confidence in you that you can do this; it's just like uploading a photo to Facebook! Be creative, and let's have a productive creative semester ahead.

Remember our collaborative class sculpture? Didn't we have fun?

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