Let's Make Some Art Together.

Welcome to Mr. Heidt's online art class. Making art takes courage, and a willingness to learn and grow. My goal is to teach you what I love to do, and share with you what I have learned over a lifetime of making art. More than provide instruction, I want you to succeed in life. Art is just one path to finding creative fulfillment, there are others, but for me, art is the best of them. It is my honor to be your teacher for as long as you are a member of this class. This website is a place where creative learners can connect and share. Here you will find all my instructional lessons, rules and procedures, class expectations, and everything else pertaining to class posted. Please take time to explore the site; I am always uploading content. Think about contributing to the student forum– what you think matters to me! Okay, so now that I've talked your ear off, let's make some great art together.

Art changes people, and people change the world.


The Creative Process

Creativity is the act of using the imagination to create something. Your brain is really an image-making machine.

Art Class Grading Rubric

This rubric displays the criterion for how your art projects and assignments will be graded. Please download a copy for your reference....

Thinking Symbolically

Download these PDF handout exercises below. They are designed to help students begin to think like real artists! Artists are conceptual...